As an advanced manufacturing technology , laser processing technology greatly enhance the manufacturing level of the automobile in the automotive application . However, with the development of technology, the application of laser in the car is not limited to these processing fields.

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Automotive headlights as an important part of the car,which provide lighting to ensure traffic safety , besides, it plays a role in decoration and beauty if a car equipped with a Laser Sight . Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, people also hope that it can be more bright and energy-efficient . Therefore, in the 100 years history of the automotive industry , car headlights have also experienced a series of technological innovations, from halogen headlights, xenon headlights to today's LED headlight. However, when the car manufacturers are still promote LED headlamps , laser headlights coming out.

It is suggested that the first proposed Laser Pointer technology for automotive headlights is the idea of BMW and the United States Sandy Asian national laboratory. They combine blue laser , Red Laser , green laser and yellow laser to create a white light source, and a solution of the poor quality of the laser white color rendering. In 2011, BMW put it in to used on the I8 concept car, the car product in the autumn of 2014 ,which has became the world's first equipped with laser lamp production models. At the same time,Audi put the matrix laser headlight technology into R8 LMX car.

But, why we need a laser headligh since LED has many advantages such as energy saving, long life, small size, and low brightness? In fact, the laser source is different from common sources, it just a monochromatic light source,which only have one wavelength, so this characteristic can make laser illumination brightness greater, light can also be controlled accurately and rapidly and safely. Thanks to these characteristics, laser lamp not only has the advantages of LED lamp, the brightness strong thousand times than LED headlamps. With which it have a further irradiation distance.BMW I8 models of laser head lamp headlamp irradiation effectively distances of up to 600 meters. In addition, 100mw laser headlight assembly of smaller, which are more efficient.

In addition to the headlights, Audi and other manufacturers have also put laser light source to the fog lamp, which had improved lighting visual effects and the driving safety.

Laser beam, laser radar, these are already used in the production of models. But the application of laser technology in the car is not limited to this, such as there have been research institutes and automobile manufacturers began to try a laser for engine ignition system which can improve combustion efficiency. In addition, there has been a car manufacturer developed laser gesture detection and ranging .Laser technology has come into our life, such as the laser pointer keychain we used ordinary. With the continuous development of technology and the emergence of new requirements, the laser will play more potential to meet the needs of the car for safety, environmental protection and intelligent.