Waterproof laser pointer

I use this burning laser nearly all day , teaching my students using PowerPoint without being restricted to being next to my computer. I have used a few similar products in the past (mostly Targus), but this one has been superior in every respect.

Here are the highlights for me:

1. Ease of use: It's plug-and play right out of the box. The controls are well-placed and easy to find without even looking. Before I bought it, a few people said the "Exit" button was too easy to accidentally hit, but I haven't found that to be a problem even once. Unlike other presenters I've used, this one never "stalls" or fails to be recognized.

2. Build Quality: The Powerful Laser Pointer product is solidly built. The ergonomics are great. The buttons are solid and intuitive. The "forward" button even has a raised dot, so your thumb can easily recognize it. The laser pointer is not exceedingly strong, but it's definitely usable in all but the brightest rooms. That the USB plug fits into the pointer is a great plus, even though mine never leaves the computer. I expect it to last for a long time.

3. Features: The feature set is simpler than some other models (like it's fancier brother with a built-in timer and 100mw Laser Pointer ), but the features on this model are enough for most users (I time almost everything in my class in many intervals, so the timer wouldn't have been practical for me.).

4. Battery Life: I've been using mine constantly for 2 weeks now on two rechargeable batteries, and the indicator on startup still shows a full charge.

Two aspects I can't report on are range (I've used mine only in a medium-sized classroom) and customer service (haven't needed it).

All in all, this Green Laser Pointer isn't particularly different from other laser pointer out there, but it performs better at basically the same price.