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According to the Nikkei Asian reported that Honda has developed a high powered laser cutting machine for automobile manufacturing. They use laser to cut the body parts and steel plates, which becomes the first company to use a similar system for mass production of automobiles.

This system was developed by the Honda manufacturing technology research department.The previous laser cutting machines' power is not enough, it needs too much time to finish the work, so it was not suitable for automobile production before. Honda has developed a high performance laser beam mobile devices which can provide enough power to cut the steel. The speed of the system is about ten times faster than using common laser cutting machine.

laser pointer 10000mw

Honda's system has a number of benefits. It is reported that the metal mold are lack of flexibility, once starting mass production, they can not change anymore. Based on this case, car manufacturers often use the same metal , but this time can last for several years. Honda is equipped with a new type of laser cutting machine system which can be flexible to change the design of the parts by using a powerful Laser Pointer . Once eliminating the need for the development and production of metal molds, the cost will be reduced. Usually, cutting machine which can cut relative large parts (such as doors and roof) of the metal mold generally need to spend tens of millions.

Honda developed a high power laser cutting machine for automobile manufacturing which used a 300W laser,as we all know, the laser pointer pen we used as a keychain is just a 100mw laser !

In addition, the system can also make the production model of low yield cars more profitable, so that Honda will be able to produce more unique new models. Honda's reputation comes from the ability to produce vehicles with a first-class design partly. S660 and NXS are Honda's favourite work. Honda plans to extend the system to other factories, including factories located in north america.